Red Wiggler Composting Worms

Sale price$59.00 USD

Size: 1 Lb - 1000 worms

Bring your composting game to the next level with Red Wiggler Composting Worms! These hard-working wrigglers are the perfect addition to your garden - guaranteed to worm their way into your heart and give your soil the nutrients it needs.

Our red wigglers are perfect for composting with the Hungry Bin. Red wigglers, are the compost worm best suited to the widest range of temperature conditions.

How many worms do I need?

You can start your Hungry Bin compost with any worm amount! More worms will increase the speed of composting.

Worms can eat their body weight per day, so 1 lb of worms will consume 1 lb of waste every day. Worms will multiply each month and, at capacity, a Hungry bin will contain 6 lbs of worms, consuming 6 lbs of waste each day.

Important shipping info!

Worms are alive! Meaning that you need to be available to receive them from the shipping carrier. Worms left in the hot sun, on a porch or in a mailbox will die.

We GUARANTEE live worm delivery if:

  • you receive them directly from the shipping carrier at your residence
  • you notify us within 2 hours of receipt with a photo/video of the worms