Oya™ Grow Bag Combo

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  • Easily expand your garden... outdoor or indoor
  • Includes an Oya Watering Pot for effortless watering
  • Move your plants for sun/shade easily

Oya Grow Bag Sizing

3 sizes for almost any plant growth

The Small is a 10 gallon bag and measures 12"w x 16"h. Perfect for flowers and small vegetable plants.

The Medium is a 20 gallon bag and measures 16"w x 20"h. Ideal for large vegetable plants and lots of flowers.

The Large is a 34 gallon bag and measures 18"w x 24"h. The Large can fit small trees, bushes, multiple vegetables (e.g. potatoes, corn, etc), big flowers and is a similar equivalent to a 2'x2' raised bed.

Size: Small (10 gal - 12"x16")


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Meet the Oya™ Grow Bag – the ultimate gardening hack for tight spaces and full beds - perfect for indoor or outdoor.

Whether you're working with a pint-sized garden, balcony, or just need more room in your garden, the Oya™ Grow Bag is a grow bag with an Oya™ Watering Pot sized perfectly for the bag. This combo gets you the benefit of watering less with more space to grow your plants.

The Oya™ Grow Bag is constructed from a thick, high-quality, BPA-free polymer fiber felt - an elevated look and durable alternative to the paper thin garden center variety. It's perfect for a wide array of plants, from flowers and vegetables to herbs and small trees. Just add soil and plants.

How it works:

The Oya™ Grow Bag is an Oya™ Watering Pot paired with a perfectly sized, high-quality grow bag for optimum watering. This is a great solution if you are out of space with your garden beds or are looking to grow in tight spaces.

When filled with water, moisture seeps out slowly through the Oya™ Watering Pot's walls to water your plants right at the roots, giving them exactly the water they need.

Prepare the soil

Fill ⅓ of the Oya™ Grow Bag with high-quality soil. This equals 3 inches for the small size, 4 inches for the medium, and 5 inches for the large Oya™ Grow Bag. It’s important not to place your Oya™ Watering Pot directly on the base of the Oya™ Grow Bag.

Plant the Oya

Place the Oya™ Watering Pot in the center of the Oya™ Grow Bag. Fill around the Oya with soil up to 1-2 inches below the Oya lid (just below the Oya logo). Don’t under or over fill the Oya™ Grow Bag with soil.

Plant your Plants

Plant your desired plants around the Oya™ Watering Pot and outward to the edge of the Oya™ Grow Bag. If using seeds or transplanting, surface water for 2 weeks until roots can establish themselves to the Oya.

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