Meet the Oya

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Meet the Oya

A traditional, natural way to water less frequently and grow a more successful garden.

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The Oya

A traditional, natural way to save water, save time and grow better plants.

Get yourself an Oya

Prepare to grow easy

Bury it in your garden

Plant your plants near the Oya

Fill it with water

Refill your Oya every few days

Three simple steps to a successful garden!

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The benefits will grow on you

Save water

Surface watering is extremely inefficient. Oyas water slowly at the roots producing a water savings of up to 70%.

Save time

Fill your Oyas with water once a week. Plants take the water they need as they need it. You use your time for other things.

Grow easy

Take guesswork and grunt-work out of gardening. Watering is self-regulated, fewer weeds get started, plants and soil thrive.