Oya™ Organic Fertilizer

Guaranteed Growth
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  • 200X Plant Growth
  • All natural - no chemicals
  • So EASY to use
  • Outdoor and indoor use

Amount: 1 gal


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90-Day Money Back Growth Guarantee!

If you're not satisfied with the growth results from our Oya™ Organic Fertilizer, let us know and we'll refund your purchase.

If you want to see all-natural vegetables or floral plants that are 200% bigger and juicier or fuller, you have to try our Oya™ Organic Fertilizer to increase the health of your soil.

Oya™ Organic Fertilizer is 100% all-natural with NO chemicals! What is it? It's worm castings derived from worms composting organic materials (think banana peels, leaves, etc). It's EASY to use. Just mix it into your soil once or monthly, at any time of the season,  and watch your plants thrive!

All Natural - No Chemicals

Get 200% Improved Growth

Studies have shown that organic fertilizer from worm castings improve the yield of plant growth by up to 200% in half the time.

Plants Need Organic Fertilizer

WOW. Look at this image.

On the left, our Tomato plant grown WITH Organic Fertilizer from worm castings. On the right, our Tomato plant grown in regular soil.

Improve your soil, get better growth faster.

The Superpower of Microbes

When you add organic matter to soil, it drives nutrient availability, improves nutrient retention and improves water holding capacity. This results in superior growth.

There is more (positive) bacteria in a teaspoon of soil than there is people on the planet. These microorganisms in the soil make all the difference in the yield you will get.

Worm castings also have a granular type structure which helps soil be more aerated, working like a sponge to hold water which further reduces your need to water.

Another great benefit of worm castings is their PH. Castings have a neutral PH, which means soils that are either to acidic or alkaline it can improve both of them bringing it back to a neutral PH. 


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