Organic Mulch - Temperature Regulating

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Size: 1 Pack

Reduce your soil moisture evaporation by up to 50% and naturally regulate the temperature of your soil with the GardenStraw Mini Organic Wheat Mulch (100% certified organic).

The smaller length of this wheat mulch makes it very easy to spread around your garden and works great with vegetables, flowers and plants. Easily rake it up at the end of the season or compost it into your soil.

Mulch is another easy way to reduce water consumption and weeds.

Reduce water consumption

If you live in hot climates or have hot summers, our organic mulch reduces water evaporation by 50%, meaning you'll need less water!

Combined with Oya™ watering pots, your water consumption could drop by up to 90%.

Improved nutrients

Unlike grass , bark, and weeds, once the wheat seedling is removed it won’t regrow and composts organically over the growing season.

The "Mini" size is processed to the ideal length and form that encourages healthy plant life.

Maximize your vegetable garden

If you're growing organic vegetables, you want to be using organic mulch!

Our clean, consistent and convenient garden mulch made from 100% organic premium wheat straw that reduces watering, weeding, and damage to your plants.

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