What Oya size is right for my garden?

  • Fits ANY type/size of garden
  • Available in 3 sizes, water radiates out of the Oya covering 2 feet (Small size), 3 feet (Medium size), or 4 feet (Large size)
  • If in doubt, size up. You'll get a larger water reservoir and there's no danger of over watering.
  • Small is 5" x 7" and 1 litre, Medium is 7" x 10" and 3 litres, Large is 10" x 13" and 6.5 litres.

Here are some common garden configurations to determine the size and quantity of Oyas needed.

4' x 8' Bed

Use 2 Large Oyas

The Large Oya watering pot is 10" wide x 13" high and contains 6.5 litres / 6.8 quarts. It covers a growing space up to 4 feet in diameter and is perfect for 4-foot wide raised beds, larger flat garden beds, and up to 34-gallon grow bags.

    3' x 9' Bed

    Use 3 Medium Oyas


    The Medium Oya watering pot is 7" wide x 10" high and contains 3 litres / 3.2 quarts. It covers a growing space up to 3 feet in diameter and is perfect for 3-foot wide raised or garden level beds, planter boxes, barrel boxes, and 25-gallon grow bags.

      3' x 6' Bed

      Use 2 Medium Oyas

      2' Round Bed

      Use 1 Small Oya

      The Small Oya watering pot is 5" wide x 7" high and contains 1 litre / 1.1 quarts. It covers a growing space up to 2 feet in diameter and is perfect for any garden bed with 6 inches of soil or more, including patio or porch pots and planters, container gardens.

      Grow Bags

      Use a Small for 5-15 gallon grow bags, Medium for 15-30 gallon grow bags and a Large for 30+ gallon grow bags. Or buy an Oya™ Grow Bag Combo.


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