School Garden Fundraising program

Let Growoya Help Your School Garden Grow!

Seems there's never enough money for school garden projects. And raising funds can be hard, energy draining work—too many coupon books and chocolate almonds.

We at GrowOya decided we could offer a better way. We started the Oya drive fundraising program to help School Gardeners raise money for their gardens by helping others grow. It's a simple win-win. Students sell Oyas in their community to help neighbors grow better and more water-wise, and the school garden gets a tidy profit to invest in building a better garden. Selling smart gardening gear to gardeners to help everyone do more gardening.

And the bonus is that we're all suddenly talking about gardening and water efficiency!


Here's How It Works

Sign your school group up for an Oya drive and we'll get you what you need to start in a matter of days. You'll receive your first 2 cases of Medium Oyas (12 Oyas total), a stack of full color customizable brochures, and simple order forms. No cost to you until you sell Oyas and collect the money.

Kids take an Oya, brochures and an order form to their friends, family and community to talk about gardening, water conservation and Oyas. Orders are taken for pick-up or delivery at the set time that works for you. Organizers place the full order with us at GrowOya and we send you the Oyas ready to distribute. Customers pay you on pick-up, you take your profits and send us a check for the rest.

Let's Get Started! Reach out to us here with your interest.