Organic Fertilizer - Usage Guide

Organic natural fertilizer from worm castings is easy to use and you can't overdo it. Here's the usage guide to get the maximum growth benefit.

  • 1 Gallon (16 Cups) covers 16 square feet of plants (e.g. One 4x4 bed)
  • 2 Gallons (32 Cups) covers 32 square feet of plants (e.g. One 4x8 bed)
  • 3 Gallons (48 Cups) covers 48 square feet of plants (e.g. 4x8 plus a 4x4 bed)

Keep castings moist until ready to use by misting lightly with water. This keeps the beneficial microbes alive and produces better results.


First Use

Ongoing Care

Garden Beds: Vegetables, Annuals and Perennials

Work 1 cup into the top 2 to 3 inches of soil around each plant. Water well.

Side dress each plant with 1/2 cup every 1 month during the growing season. Work into top few inches of soil and water well.

Planters and Potted Plants:Any indoor or outdoor plant Work 1-2 inches of natural fertilizer into the top few inches of soil. Water well Side dress each plant with 3 Tbsp of natural fertilizer every 2 months. Work into the top few inches of soil. Water well
Germinating or Sowing Seeds In Garden Beds: Line planting row with 1 inch of natural fertilizer and mix with soil. Place seeds in-furrow, cover with soil and water well. In Seed Trays or Planting Pots: Use 1 part natural fertilizer to 4 parts seed starting mix. Place seeds, cover with soil, and keep moist.