What size Oya is right for my garden?

Oya watering pot sitting on top of a raised garden bed

Oyas come in three sizes, designed to fit just right with your growing plan.

They work with almost any way you want to grow. Raised beds. Flat garden beds. Rooftop gardens. Community garden plots. Patio or porch pots. Vegetable gardens. Flower gardens. Container gardens. Planter gardens…

So, what’s the right size for your space?

The simple answer is that the Small Oya will cover a growing space up to 2 feet in diameter, the Medium Oya works for up to 3 feet of space and the Large Oya up to 4 feet.

Let’s talk a bit more about this.

The Small Oya was designed for patio or porch pots and planters–small growing spaces of up to 2 feet long and/or wide. But it’s a pretty versatile size and can be planted in any garden space with 6 inches of soil or more.

The Medium Oya is great for planter boxes, small raised beds and larger containers. A solid option for any garden looking to water up to 3 feet. A 6’ x 3’ foot raised bed is perfect with 2 medium Oyas.

Finally, the Large Oya was designed for larger-scale intensive growing. High output, urban farmers, community gardens or the raised bed farming family. It’s our solution to watering bigger. A nice big 8’ x 4’ garden bed is perfect for two larges.

Regardless of the size Oya you plant, you want to make sure that it is buried with just the neck sticking out of the ground. There’s even a handy water droplet on the neck that guides where you bury up to.

And of course, there are general rules of thumb on how to plant around the Oyas to create the most efficient growing. Notably, plant in a circular configuration and be sure to use Oya-friendly plants.

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