Plants, Veggies, Flowers and More

Oya™ watering pots work best with plants that have fibrous root system (adventitious root system) and an above ground canopy. The more creeping the roots, the better they’ll be able to grow to find the Oya™ watering pot.

We’ve seen the best results with:

> tomatoes, bell peppers, chilli peppers, potatoes (and most nightshades), cucumbers, salad greens, kale, herbs, edible flowers, gourds, melons, squash, beans, peas, corn…

Plants with taproot systems (one primary root) like carrots, beets, radishes, parsnips are less likely to work with Oya pots.

And to be clear, Oya pots aren’t used to sprout or germinate seeds. Seeds and transplants need to be surface watered until the root system has developed enough to reach for the Oya pots for regular (and efficient) watering.

Can I Use Fertilizer in My Oya™ Watering Pot?

We say don’t. 

Theoretically, if the fertilizer you are using is completely water soluble (dissolves entirely in the water) it could work. But the tight pores of the terracotta will act as a filter for any larger particles, and could clog.

And really, how often do you need to fertilize? Make that your surface watering exception.

What Size Do I Need?