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Water less often with better results.

When filled with water, moisture seeps out slowly through the walls of the Oya to water your plants right at the roots. Once established, the roots of your plants will instinctively grow towards the water source.

1. Plant

Dig a small hole in your garden and bury your Oya, leaving the top exposed.

2. Water

Once planted, fill with your Oya with water from a watering can or hose.

3. Grow

Replace the cap. The roots of your plants will begin to instinctively grow towards the water source. Refill with water occasionally.


reduction in water consumption compared to surface watering.

Oya Watering Pots are a fantastic way to keep my large beds well-watered passively, especially in my dry climate.

– Kevin Espiritu, Author (Field Guide to Urban Gardening and Grow Bag Gardening)

GrowOya helps my container plants not only survive hot summers of Arizona, but thrive. I won't garden in containers without them!

Angela Judd, Author (How To Grow Your Own Food)

I recommend GrowOya to anyone who wants to save time, is conscious of water consumption, and wants great growing results from deep watering.

– Allyson Ell, The Backyard Gardener

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