We Have Lids!

The last while, we’ve heard some great feedback about our oyas – with one criticism: we didn’t have lids!

Well, we heard you. Thanks very much for all the questions and comments, we really appreciate it. All new oyas will be sold with a bright green lid. This goes for all sizes: small, medium, and large.

These lids are made from silicone so they withstand the sun and the elements. They avoid evaporation from your oya in hot climates, and keep critters like lizards, slugs, and mosquitos out of the freshwater meant for your plants.

This lid is easy to put on and off, fun for kids, and people are loving them! Thank you again for the recommendation!


    1. Hi Melissa, yes – soon! We’re about to get them on the site, and will let you know as soon as it’s possible to order them. Thanks for asking.

    1. Hi Michael – Reach out and let’s talk lids (brant@growoya.com). We have them ready for sale, just not available online yet. Very soon. Email and we’ll get you set up. Thanks.

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