What size is right for my garden?

Oya™ watering pots come in three sizes—designed to fit just right with your growing plan.

They work with any garden: raised beds, flat garden beds, rooftop gardens, container gardens, community garden plots, patio or porch pots, vegetable gardens or flower gardens. And of course, the general rule of thumb is to plant in concentric circles around your Oya watering pot.

Large 10" w x 13" h

The Large Oya watering pot covers a growing space up to 4 feet in diameter. It’s perfect for:

  • 100-gallon grow bag
  • 4-foot wide raised beds
  • Larger flat garden beds

A nice big 8’ x 4’ garden bed is ready to go with 2 larges.

A Large measures 10" wide x 13" high and contains 6.5 litres / 6.8 quarts.

Medium 7" w x 10" h

The Medium Oya watering pot covers a growing space up to 3 feet in diameter. It’s perfect for:

  • Planter boxes
  • 25-gallon grow bag
  • 3-foot wide raised beds

A 6’ x 3’ foot raised bed is set with 2 mediums.

A Medium measures 7" wide x 10" high and contains 3 litres / 3.2 quarts.

Small 5" w x 7" h

The Small Oya watering pot covers a growing space up to 2 feet in diameter. It’s perfect for any garden bed with 6 inches of soil or more, including:

  • Patio or porch pots and planters
  • Container gardens 
  • 5–15-gallon grow bags

A Small measures 5" wide x 7" high and contains 1 litre / 1.1 quarts.