January 3, 2022 Status Update: All presale orders have been shipped and we are no longer experiencing shipping delays. All orders ship within 1-2 business days.

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Transparency and Updates

Order Shipment Status

Thank you for making a 2021 Presale order with us! It means a lot. For presale Oya orders placed through Fall/Winter 2021, here are the details on how and when these orders will ship to you.

We're committed to transparent communications through the challenges facing US and Canadian orders due to port congestion. Look here for updates ever 2 weeks on the latest information we have and when Oyas will ship. You can also get in touch with us here.


California Ports are facing unprecedented congestion due to COVID-19. While port congestion historically averaged around 17 ships, we've hit 108 ships through the Fall of 2021. This bottleneck has impacted both ships coming to California and the train/truck distribution system once ships arrive. Every retailer who ships through California is affected.

As the California Ports are backed up, the Port of Origin for ships is also congested, as well as the rail/truck network waiting to get their containers on to ships at the Port of Origin. Similarly, once ships are unloaded in California, the rail and truck network here is overwhelmed and containers are sitting unloaded, waiting for a truck.

Ships, containers, trucks and trainers are all moving (and recently moved to a 24/7 operation) but the backlog remains. For more info, check out this Washington Post article.

GrowOya Inventory Timeline

August 2021

Manufacturing completes on our 2021 inventory and Oyas are packed up for shipment.

September 2021

We wait for an available container to ship our goods. Container availability plummets and prices skyrocket. We lose several containers to large brands paying any price.

October 2021

We secure a container (yay!) and are given a spot on a ship... then we lose our spot to brands paying double the price :(. We don't want to increase our prices so we look for another shipper.

November 2021

We get our container on a ship (finally!) and the ship sails! It arrives in California and is looking for a port to queue up in.

December 6th, 2021

Oyas have officially cleared customs and our ship is now outside the Port of Oakland, which is less congested than the LA ports. We're in the queue to be unloaded soon.

December 24th, 2021

Oyas have been unloaded from our ship and trucked to our warehouse in Reno, NV. Trucks are being unpacked and presale orders should begin shipping in the next 2 weeks.