How to Seed Your Plants

Some plants are easier than others to grow from seed. Here are some tricks of the micro-propagation world.

  • Seeds should be at the correct depth according to their size.
  • Flat seeds (aka cucurbit seeds) should be sown on their sides. This goes for marrow, melon, squash, cucumber and other flat seeds.
  • Make sure seeds get lots of light! They need it to germinate.
  • If your seed tray has a cover, remove it as soon as the majority of the tiny seedlings have appeared.
  • Disturb the roots of the seedlings as little as possible. This will help them grow thick and tall!
  • Seedlings (like our cats) hate being soggy.
  • Be ruthless with weak or overcrowded plants! It’s better to pinch out (to cut them at the soil level) one or two healthy plants than to let two plants suffer later by pulling them apart. Sad but true.
  • Handle the seedlings and even the young teenage plants by their leaves – never by their stems – to avoid damaging them.