Can you tell me how Oyas work?

An ancient form of localized plant irrigation, ollas (we call them Oyas like they’re pronounced) are terracotta pots that you plant in your garden to save water, save time and make your growing easier. Terracotta is a porous material–and even more so when fired at a low temperature–allowing the water inside to seep out slowly through the walls to water your plants at the roots.

Bury your Oyas in the ground and refill with water every 5-10 days. Once established, the roots of your plants will instinctively grow towards the water source (you’ll need to surface water also for the first couple weeks). Over time the roots attach themselves to the outside of the Oya and draw water out as they need it. They take just what they need, not more, not less.

This makes Oyas a low tech, high efficiency, self watering system. Save a whole bunch of water (up to 70% water savings from surface watering), save your valuable time (water only once a week!) and grow easy (less weeds, less guesswork, better plants).

It’s truly that simple. #GrowEasy.