Oya Giveaways For The Holidays!

Dear Oya Lovers,

We are SO excited to announce our weekly holiday giveaway! Every Saturday until Christmas this year, one of you will win a FREE OYA! This is a great way to celebrate sustainable gardening with your loved ones.

Here’s how to enter:

On Instagram, post gardening photos using the #Growoya hashtag! That’s ALL you have to do.

On Twitter, Tweet your favorite gardening stories (multiple tweets allowed) OR favorite ways to save water in the garden. Use the hashtag #Growoya to be entered!

On Facebook, comment to share your gardening stories. That’s it! We want to hear about all the love you put into your vegetable bounty. It helps us feel good, and helps inspire all our fellow gardeners to get our hands dirty more often.

We will announce the winner of the week every Saturday morning at 10:00 am PST. Also, you must live in the USA to be eligible (for now).

Can you enter more than once? Yes! We’d love to hear from you on all social media channels! Why just share a story when you could also share a photo? Not everyone has all three, so more people will see it!

Will the post with the most likes win? Any post can win! We like to give everyone a fair chance.

How can I increase my chances of winning? We’re so glad you asked! If you want to be entered twice, there are a few things you can do: On Instagram, comment on friends’ photos about the competition. On Twitter, Tweet at gardening lovers you know. On Facebook, tag friends in your comments! Tag us using @Growoya so that we know you’ve been sharing the love!

We Have Lids!

The last while, we’ve heard some great feedback about our oyas – with one criticism: we didn’t have lids!

Well, we heard you. Thanks very much for all the questions and comments, we really appreciate it. All new oyas will be sold with a bright green lid. This goes for all sizes: small, medium, and large.

These lids are made from silicone so they withstand the sun and the elements. They avoid evaporation from your oya in hot climates, and keep critters like lizards, slugs, and mosquitos out of the freshwater meant for your plants.

This lid is easy to put on and off, fun for kids, and people are loving them! Thank you again for the recommendation!