How it works

Simply plant your Oya in the garden and fill it with water every few days. The porous clay takes care of the rest.

Plant your Oya

Dig a small hole in your garden and bury your Oya. Surround it with plants that make you happy.

Fill it with water

With a hose or a watering can fill your Oya with water all the way to the top. Then just walk away.

Refill occasionally

Fill up your Oya every few days and watch your garden grow with less water and much less effort.

Can you tell me how Oyas work?

An ancient form of localized plant irrigation, ollas (we call them Oyas like they’re pronounced) are terracotta pots that you plant in your garden to save water, save time and make your growing easier.

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What size Oya is right for my garden?

Oyas come in three sizes, designed to fit just right with your growing plans. They work almost anywhere you want to grow. So, what’s the right size for your space?

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How do I plant with my Oyas?

Alright, you’ve buried your Oya up to the neck in the middle of your planting area. Nice work. Now you’re ready to get planting. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the Oyas in your garden.

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What grows best with Oyas?

Oyas are a pretty incredible tool when used with the right plants. And there are a huge variety of plants that are Oya-friendly. We can’t possibly cover every plant that works with Oyas, but here’s a start.

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What are the other benefits of using Oyas?

We don’t mean to brag, but using Oyas in your garden will bring all kinds of benefits. You’ve heard about a few of them, but you’ll love the whole list.

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How do I care for my Oyas?

Like anything, the better you care for your Oyas the longer they’ll last. Good news is that it’s easy to care for an Oya. Just pull them up before the ground freezes, clean them off and store dry.

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Can I use fertilizer in my Oyas?

We say don’t. Though the jury is out on whether this will work or not, we think it’s best not to add fertilizer to your Oyas.

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Do I need a lid?

Sure, you can put a lid on it. A small amount of evaporation will occur through the opening of the Oya, but we’ve made it small enough that the water loss from evaporation is limited.

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More questions about Oyas?

See our FAQ section or drop us a note.

The Oya

A traditional, natural way to save water, save time and grow better plants.